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June 18, 2019 @ 1:27 am

LIVE at the Abbott Mansion - Chicago, IL!

Sarah & Kaela have FINALLY met - and they're talking about it, live in Chicago, with lots of infertile friends and healthcare professionals.  Enjoy this episode full of inspiration from these amazing special guests!

Christine McDonough, the artist behind Infertility Illustrated, is such a talent! We instantly bonded after meeting her over a year ago.  She shares some of the inspirations for a few of her favorite illustrations (and wins the award for the best giveaway item!). Kaela & Sarah are so glad to call her a friend and so proud of the amazing support she gives the infertility community. ⁣ She also gives them a really exciting life update!!! You can find her here:

Instagram: @infertilityillustrated



Dr. Lauren Schneider, DC is a wonderful resource and advocate for the infertility community with years of experience working alongside fertility specialists. She also personally understands the struggle of infertility and gives an update on her gestational carrier (sorta)!  She also wins the award for worst “Would You Rather?” question, but her husband’s outburst from the audience wins the award for best response!  You can find her here:

Instagram: @drlaurenschneider



Dr. Lora Shahine MD,FACOG is a board certified reproductive endocrinologist practicing at Pacific Northwest Fertility in Seattle, Washington where she specializes in recurrent pregnancy loss.  She has been incredibly supportive of The Infertile Mafia and is actively sharing such a positive and inspiring message to the infertility community. And, she does it with such kindness and humility (and humor)!  In this interview with her she talks about the negative effects of toxins on our fertility and practical ways to mitigate the damage!⁣  You can find her here:




Dr. Roohi Jeelani MD, FACOG is a board certified reproductive endocrinologist practicing at Vios Fertility Institute in Chicago, IL.  She had everyone in tears sharing her personal story about her experience with IVF and how she's doing her part to erase the shame and stigma around infertility. ⁣ And, she’s an incredibly kind and wonderfully intelligent physician educating the infertility community - and doing it with style!  You can find her here:

Instagram: @roohijeelanimd


Dr. Natalie Crawford MD, FACOG is a board certified reproductive endocrinologist practicing at Aspire IVF in Austin, TX.  She is also the host of the popular podcast As A Woman and an incredible FORCE for good - for all women! What an inspirational and empowering voice. Kaela & Sarah are so thankful she speaks so passionately on behalf of women and so honored that she joined them for this live show. ⁣ Hear her talk about the importance of the presence of medical professionals on social media. You can find her here:

Instagram: @nataliecrawfordmd






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The Infertile Mafia: Real talk about infertility, IVF, and trying to conceive.
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